Thursday, July 18, 2013

You Have to Laugh!

How true is this?

Ha Ha! I always said I'd write a book one day "Things You Never Actually Thought You'd Have To Say". You know like-don't put the popcorn up your nose (had a student do that once) or don't put the playground wood chips in your mouth. Or my all-time favorite-we don't ball up wet toilet paper and throw it on the ceiling in the restroom! Our custodian is tall, but he had to use extreme measures to get up there and get it down-he was not happy. I don't know what possesses them sometimes!

I love this one too. Only someone familiar with the book would get it! :)

I found this pic from summer school this year. Can you tell I teach young Texans?

Translation: Dear Bears, Y'all's homes is a mess. Clean up y'all's homes! Seriously dude, you have to clean up your homes!

Y'all--gotta love it! It's something that catches on quickly though. I relocated here and it's become part of my regular vernacular. 

Well, wish me luck-I am having surgery again tomorrow. 3rd time in a year :(-my credit card company loves me now-unfortunately a high deductible. Hopefully third time's the charm! At least I know exactly what to expect this time! My dog Ruby will be thrilled because my dad is going to come stay with me that night-she loves her grandpa! Last time she wasn't even really worried about me. At about midnight she walked up to his bed and kissed him in face-like she was just saying "I'm glad you're still here". They can be so adorable!


  1. Don't lick the pencil sharpener. That's a good one! I'm sorry to hear that you're having your third surgery of the year. I had surgery this year and I reached my deductible and out of pocket awfully fast. I do hope this surgery does the trick. Take care.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. LOL! Too funny. Only a teacher can truly appreciate teacher humor! :) So true.
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  3. Loved your post. The brown bear cartoon is hilarious. The Texan accent cracks me up, too:)) I hope that's okay to say ... being a northerner and all. Haha.
    Good luck with the surgery. Too bad you've had to do this three times.

    Grade ONEderful
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