Thursday, October 3, 2013

Changing the Details

One critical thinking exercise I like to do with my students, is to have them change a detail of a story and then think about how that would change other details. For example. what if Cinderella had never lost her shoe? Or what if the Grinch story took place at Easter instead of Christmas--what else would change?

Since we are reading Charlotte's Web right now, we decided to change the setting of that story. I had the students write what details would change if the story had not taken place on a farm.

Ocean-his friends are sharks and whales and he'd live in seaweed.

(love the illustration of God by the way!) Wilbur was in the sky with God, birds would be his friends and God would be with him.

Africa-friends would be camels and snakes.

San Diego

Another ocean setting-talk to a shark and a crab and a fish and a manta ray.

in the woods-he would make new friends.

California-still a spider, but dogs, cats and turtles would be his co-stars

School-he'd go to school and have fun at school. That would definitely change the story a bit!
A spooky house setting-with a ghost as the goose and a bat as the spider.