Friday, October 4, 2013

Charlotte 2.0

It always amazes me how much these little guys know about technology. The other week, we were talking about what is always true about families and one of the students answered "they are all on Facebook". Well, a good number of them probably are! It's a different world today, especially remembering myself in high school typing programs into our TRS 80 so I could play hangman and printing on a printer the size of a table (and that was cutting-edge, my grandfather wrote computer manuals, so they sent him their prototypes. :). It feels like that wasn't so long ago.

So we are reading Charlotte's Web and it occurred to me how long ago that was written-their father gave them change for goodies at the fair and there's no mention of anyone talking to their neighbors on the phone. Since web-writing seems like a pretty old-fashioned method for communication, I asked my kids to write as Charlotte might today--using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

the Goose said "Wilber is weird".

This is a pic of Wilbur jumping around like he sometimes does trying to look radiant!



  1. Oh my I love the hashtags! You are so great at honoring their work and getting them thinking without letting their spelling stop them!
    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. Thank you Laurie! :) The spelling is the Kinder teacher in me. I always tell them I would rather them sound out "extraordinary" and possibly spell it wrong, instead of them just going with "good" because they know how to spell it!