Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Only One You

First of all, I found this at my local public library:

Can you imagine?! How cool would it be if the kiddos came to us already excited about books and reading. I'm going to try to find a way to do something like this on our campus-maybe 101 books.

I had included this book in my last post:

This is my new go-to book for gifts to children of my friends on their birthdays. It's about a mommy and daddy fish giving lots of good advice to their child. I asked my students to think like a parent and write about what advice they would give their child--I know it's cold outside, some of these will definitely warm your heart! :)

never forget we will be in your heart.

tell him to stand up for yourself, speak up and don't let people push you down.

tell my child to be confident like my best friend.

open your brain good in your decisions and be on the look[out] for bad friends.

No matter what happens, keep walking along and singing your song. :)

Always be truthful and nice so other people could be nice to you and when y'all are nice both of you are.

go play at school and don't talk to crazy people, only nice people

I would say stay healthy

If I were a mommy, I would tell my child believe in your heart and meet nice people.


  1. Yay ... this is beautiful ... and I'm going to link to it in tomorrow's post at the Corner and share it with my readers!!


  2. You have some on the ball kids - with incredible writing and printing!

    1. Thank you-we are still working on that. I get in trouble because I don't spend as much time on handwriting as I should--to me the content of their ideas is the big thing! :)