Thursday, January 16, 2014

Polar Bear Perspective

Whew! It's been a long week already. Nothing like two 11-hour days in a row to make you feel old! :) I run several clubs and have regular meetings after school, so there aren't any days left for me to tutor at the end of the day. I've been coming in earlier and tutoring in the morning. It sounded like a good idea in my head. :)The kids love it! I'm sure it beats sitting around waiting in the cafeteria and they love the extra attention, but it's been a little exhausting. I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Continuing with our Arctic Unit, we have been talking about polar bears. We made polar bear puppets and to go along with it, we wrote from the perspective of a polar bear. After reading their answers, we did review which kind of bears hibernate! :)

It's hard to keep up wtih the kids! :)



  1. I love "because I am freedom forever and ever." What a lovely metaphor!

  2. They do have their moments! :) Thanks Terri!