Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Philosophy Contest

I came across this contest :    on Terri's site: (where I find many of my ideas! :). Because I know some of my students are mini-philosophers-I thought this would be in our wheelhouse. The question they have to answer is---what has a greater impact on society, truth or beauty?

I thought it was really interesting, as I walked around the room conferencing with them. every single one of my students chose.....truth! I think right now, where they are, truth is more what they deal with day to day. I've always said, it's one of the resaons I love working with young kiddos (and dogs)--I truly believe they look at you and see your spirit. If you care about them, you are beautiful in their eyes!

How cool would it be to ask them the same question 10 years from now and see if their answers change! :)

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