Saturday, June 14, 2014

Including Dads

Being Father's Day and all I thought this was something relevant to discuss. I know that quite often it's the moms that we target to attend classroom programs and as field trip chaperones, but I think going that extra mile to include dads in the equation is important. I think fathers get a bad rap in our society today. I mean you never hear any kind of phrase like "deadbeat moms". Our dads even get slighted out of Father's Day gifts that we make in class, because we are out of school already! 

There are so many competent, present, caring fathers out there and I think they have the same right to be included in their child's education process. So how can we go about doing that?

1) A weekly mystery reader where dads can sign up to come read a book to the kids. I have tried this in years past and didn't have many takers (the thought of reading to Kindergarteners can be nerve-racking even for those big, tough guys!), but you could see how excited the kiddos were when it was their dad's turn.

2) As a fundraiser this year I am dying to have a Daddy-Daughter dance. How cute would that be with the little ones and their fathers dressed to the nines sharing an evening together.

3) I know the impulse is to call mom with a positive behavior report-but I try to alternate and call the fathers as well.

Any other ideas of how to incorporate the all-important father figures into the school year, I would love to hear them!

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