Monday, June 2, 2014

Summing Up Our Year In Collage

So sometimes when I'm packing up my classroom I find things that I decide to use instead of taking the space to pack. I found these collage pots and decided to have the kids cut out words that reminded them of our 1st Grade year. Part of me was just so proud to hear them even reading those great vocabulary words. Part of me loved hearing how excited they were that they found "extraordinary" or "yoga". They were trading "bold" for "imagine" and asking each other "do you think I can use 'perfect'?"

We have a plant in the classroom who I have named Ivy. They read to her and say good morning to her. She has never grown before like she has this year. I wish I had thought ahead far enough to give them all little parts of Ivy. But I think some of them will actually put plants in their pots.

 The pictures don't do it justice-I wish there was a way for me to a more panaromic shot, but here's what they came up with:


  1. Where did you find those pots? What an awesome idea!

  2. I think they were from Lakeshore-they are literally called "Collage Pots". Thanks Terri! :)