Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Reading

My dentist asked me yesterday what I was doing this summer and I told her that I had no travel plans or anything (I'm too poor right now! :), but I'm catching up with appointments, attending training and reading. She asked the next logical question which is "what do you like to read?". Do you know, I completely drew a blank-I didn't know how to answer that question. I figured out yesterday that like my tastes in music and movies, apparently I also have very eclectic tastes in books as well! Who knew! I have always read Entertainment Weekly magazine and when they give it an A and it's something I think I will like, I usually add that to my list. There are blogs or Twitter feeds where people I feel like I know offer up suggestions, sometimes I take those.

I am honestly a bit of a snob when it comes to reading. It usually takes me a while to finish a book, I read pretty slowly (my mind tends to wander sometimes). So I'm picky about what I'll take the time to read. I can't figure out Goodreads for the life of me-I'm probably doing it all wrong. But I do use it to keep track for myself of what I've read. Unless I know the person and their tastes, I usually don't go by their reviews anyway. I hate when people say "oh that didn't get good reviews"-from who though? People have such different tastes. I can usually tell by reading the summary if it's something I'll like. I like when a book is well-written (especially if I have to look up some of the words). I like suspenseful stories, but not necessarily mysteries. I love ones about dark family secrets or ones that surprise you. This one definitely surprised me! And I had even read other people talking about how surprising the ending was-but it still snuck up on me. I kind of want to read it again someday, knowing what I now know.

 I think We Were Liars is also considered YA. It's a really great example of how to effectively use voice-I loved the narrator's voice. I'm still reeling a bit actually. :)

I also finished this one:

Which I think is like a fairy tale for grown-ups. The author is from Alaska so the descriptions of the setting were just amazing. Took me a little while to get through it, but it was a really beautiful story.

What are you reading this summer?


  1. I just finished Unbroken. Before that I read Where did you go Bernadette? Gone Girl is still my favorite of the summer.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Bernadette is in my stack as well! I liked Gone Girl too, but haven't really been impressed by any other of her books. :(

  2. First, thank you for commenting on my post "Lost". {hugs}

    Seems like I'm finishing one book per week. I thought I'd read faster, but the sleeping is getting in the way, lol! My fav, so far, is "The Age Of Miracles". It's a tiny bit dystopian, but the storyline could also feasibly occur at any time. I'm a big fan of YA!

    Professionally, I've just begun "Reading In The Wild". :-)

    1. I'm reading YA pretty regularly for the first time ever this year-they have so many more exciting choices than I remember us having at that age! :) I think you'll like Reading in the Wild-my only criticism is that sometimes it's hard to adapt the ideas down for the littler ones. Thanks for stopping by Chrissy! :)

  3. I LOVE summer reading! I have already read 15 books...lots of ya. I really like one called Tiger Lily. Told from Tinkerbells perspective it is about Peter Pan and Tiger Lily.
    Chickadee Jubilee