Thursday, October 23, 2014

Parent Book Club

I posted about this idea over the summer. I really wanted wanted to do a book club for parents this year. I wanted the kids to see their parents as readers too. I posed the question to you guys on here trying to decide whether I wanted to read a book about how to read to your children like Mem Fox or if I wanted to share with them a story that was above their child's grade level a little bit, but one they read aloud to their kiddos. You guys gave me great advice and I went with the latter. We read:

Well, I have an update! We had our first meeting this week and I had 2 parents who read the book and came ready to discuss it. I loved to hear their perspective and the connections they made with the characters. Our next one is going to be: 

I think it's a beautiful story and has some poignant Ivan quotes! :)

So I wanted to share my experience. I am very glad that I committed to trying this out this year. It's something I've thought about doing often. I'm thinking of opening it up to all the Kindergarten classes, but I was very grateful to the parents who came and shared their literary thoughts! 


  1. That's very cool that you're offering this for your parents. I hope it just grows and grows.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I LOVE IVAN. I used to go visit him in the mall. It was a sad little garage like looking cement room. The whole mall was strange. They also had a poor chicken in like a little booth (sort of like a stuffed animal claw machine?) and people put in a quarter and music would start to play and the floor of the booth would heat up. It was supposed to look like the chicken was dancing. I promise I never did it. I'm glad Ivan had a good home for so long after that.