Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vocabulary Runway Show!!!

Several times a year I like to have the kiddos do some sort of presentation for their parents. I think it's good practice for them to learn how to speak publicly, plus it gives them another way to apply what they are learning. We all know vocabulary is a very important skill when teaching readers and writers. So I started a tradition of having the kids dress up like an assigned word. Not only do they learn what their word means, but through the practice activities they learn the other words as well. Usually I do this on Halloween, but unfortunately I'm going to miss the festivities this year due to my knee surgery--so we did it today. They did a really incredible job! These are just 2 of our runway walkers:

So they were the word, from that perspective what would they like or not like. It was difficult coming up with 26 different words for them-especially when all my girls wanted "fancy" words! :) But I think it was a great little presentation.