Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ethics and Valentine's Day

We were talking about whether it was fair that we celebrate Valentine's Day. It is a holiday based on love and friendship-but what if you don't have any friends, wouldn't the holiday make you sad? So I asked them to think about whether it was fair or not to celebrate. They came up with some pretty good arguments!

no one makes the same amount of valentines

People in the nursing home don't get a lot of valentines.

Some people don't get candy.

The other countries don't get to celebrate.

It is fair because it will be mean to them (not to celebrate)

It is fair that we get to sit down with family.

It is fair because they are lonely.

Not fair becasue other people don't get to celebrate.

It is fair..because it is nice.

It is not fair because people have just a card and y'all have cool stuff.

Wrong because not everybody gets valentines.

It is fair because others will want cards and will miss out the fun.

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