Friday, February 13, 2015

Writing With Conversation Hearts

Did you know they even make conversation hearts in Spanish now? I think that is so cool! So I had the idea to use them to inspire our writing today (the English ones). I handed out hearts with messages that I thought were appropriate for regular sentences. The kiddos wrote a sentence and used the saying on the heart. I thought they came up with some really cool ideas! I know the hearts are hard to read but I wrote what they said.

Dream Big-In bed I dream big and those dreams are very nice. (Even love the illustration!)

BFF-One day in class I had a BFF (that phrase must be losing steam, some kids didn't know what that was!)

BFF-I did not know that you were my BFF.

Giggle-Once upon a time there were two friends and they were very funny talk. And the talk was knock knock, who's there. Cat. Who cat. Dog. And I giggle.

Miss you-I miss you too.

Marry Me-One day my stepdad said to my mom will you marry me?

Good day. I was in school and had a good day.

Say yes-I want to go on a plane-say yes!

Best Day-When I went to school I had a spelling test and I got an A. I was so happy and I said
the best day of my life.

Wink wink (now we just read about this with Junie B. Jones!)-One day I went to the store
and I saw a cute boy and I wink wink at him.

girl power-I am a girl and I have Girl Power! (look at that illustration!)

Miss you-Once upon a time there was a princess. One day there was an old lady saying miss you.

Let's read (that's an odd one isn't it-not very romantic! :) -One day in class I did a good job on my paper.
Miss Trayers said "Let's Read". (I do not know what's going on with my hair in this illustration! :)


  1. What a cool idea! I love the "miss you" too one! You have brilliant, creative kiddos!

    1. Thank you Ms. Trevino! They do have their moments! :)

  2. They did great! I did something similar yesterday. My kids wrote love letters to parents and used conversation hearts to help them.