Sunday, February 22, 2015


Can you believe this is post # 800 for me!!!! I can't believe I have had so much to say over the years.

As I've mentioned before, I'm doing a bit of professional development with Twitter friends started by @TechNinjaTodd. He shared a wonderful resource of technology bingo and one of the items I thought I could do with my students was suggested by Terri over at: https://engagetheirminds. It's called FakeBook and you can find it here: FakeBook.

It's very easily navigable. You can make a FB page for a book character or a historical figure. I love giving kids options on how to apply what they are learning. They definitely have to know about a character's personality and actions to be able to invent what they would say. My only issue with the site is the ads-but the real FB does have ads so it wasn't unmanageable. We did Junie B. Jones because we have read-aloud 2 of her books now. Here's what it looks like:

Yes, when I typed in "Lucille" the guitar came up. Probably not a reference the make-believe Lucille would understand, but my kids didn't mind.

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