Saturday, March 19, 2016

My Spring Break Reads

And I know, there should be more. I didn't get a lot of reading done this past week. I did things I've been putting off forever like getting my oil changed and getting a haircut (yes, can you believe it grew out enough to need a haircut!!!). I also met up with some old friends for lunch and worked on lesson planning and making new workstation materials.

But I was able to get some reading in.

This was a recommendation from Tammy over at: . She knows me too well! I loved this book. I think it's great for students who have difficulties in reading to have a character they can identify with, students who might have a friend who has difficulties that they can empathize with. But most of all I think teachers should read this book-because we certainly have all taught students like Ally. Best book I've read in a while!

This book is considered YA-but don't hold that against it! :) This book is a story set during the period of World War II and it actually details the largest maritime disaster ever-over 9,000 refugees died when their ship was struck by Russian torpedoes. I can't believe I never heard that story before.. It tells the story from the perspectives of 4 different people enduring 4 different experiences that all have a common thread. At first I found going back and forth between perspectives-literally every other page a bit jarring-but I got used to it. It is written beautifully and has some truly poignant moments that I will remember for awhile, I'm sure.

I listened to the audiobook of this and didn't realize until just now that this book was written by the same author as The Returned. Hmmmm. Well, this one is about a girl who accidently heals her friend one day and the way the community and her parents deal with it. There were parts that made me angry (like I'm sure it was meant to) but it was an interesting read. If you listen to audiobooks at all, the narrator who read it was amazing.

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  1. I just knew you'd love Fish in a Tree. I keep telling people about it! I enjoy WW2 historical fiction, so I think I'll need to add Salt to the Sea to my list. Thank you! (And way to go on the haircut!)