Friday, March 4, 2016

Writing from the Perspective of Horton's Egg

I love the story of how Dr. Seuss came up with the story of Horton. He had his papers on his desk, a wind blew through the window and when he looked down there was a picture of an elephant on a tree. And he was inspired to write:

Since we are working on thinking from multiple perspectives, we wrote from the perspective of the egg. It's mother left him with an elephant. There were trials and tribulations that they both suffered through. How did it feel, what did it hear, what would it wish for, etc.....

I would see no light and wonder how the world looks like.

I would feel delicate.

Love the illustration here with the egg though bubble!
I wish I could walk and feel disappointed in my mom.

I would wish I had long legs. I would feel sad because I have no friends.

And of course, one of them had to write it! :)

I would be outrageously mad and I would be frustrated.

I would never give up.

I would not want an elephant on me. I would be scared to see a circus.

I would wish my mom never left me.


  1. I'm seeing some impressive vocabulary. That doesn't happen on accident. That's your doing. :)

  2. Awww, thank you Tammy! We are finally getting to the point where many of them are starting to apply what we are learning vocabulary-wise, I LOVE that! :)