Saturday, March 12, 2016

What Teachers Do Over Spring Break

I always try to set a purpose for our writing-we are writing to entertain, to inform, to practice a skill. Yesterday I told the kids sometimes writers write just for fun and that's what we did. As our Spring Break was about to begin, I asked them to write what they thought teachers did over Spring Break. The answers were pretty predictable (they know me too well) with a few exceptions...... on projects for their kids

watch kids run and play outside

have fun bowling (love that illustration)

Ride roller coasters, ride bikes and watch horror movies-sounds like maybe his ideal break! :)

Another vote for bowling!

Our principal had slated a team building activity where we could go bowling--I think that's where they got it from.

I am going to try an enjoy my break. I have some appointments and things like getting an oil change that I've been putting off, but other than that I plan to read, catch up with Netflix and just chill! :)


  1. If I asked my kids this question, I'm pretty sure they would say I'd be reading over spring break too. I'm glad they know us for our reading habits!

    1. I know right?! I think it's important they see someone in their lives reading. :)

  2. Enjoy your break! Love reading your posts. They give me great ideas for my GT kids!