Saturday, April 30, 2016

Our Mother's Day Tea

I know, early to be thinking about Mother's Day. We have standardized testing in our upper grades in May and when we test, parents are not allowed in the building-so I wanted to make sure I set it on a safe date. The kiddos dressed up in their Sunday best. When their mom entered they took her by the hand and led her to her seat, they served their moms what they wanted to for breakfast (some kiddos first foray with tongs! :). We made some activities for them to peruse while they were waiting. And then we played our digital stories which I had previous blg

Two of my favorite pages from stories this year:

Very high praise indeed! :)

He didn't know what clip art to look for-I suggested since he was writing about love that he look for a heart. He is a scientist at heart so this choice was soooo him! :)

It was such a wonderful morning! I had 100% of moms in attendance. There were some teary eyes as they read and heard their children call them angels and heroes. It was a really nice activity.

Now the kids did all the decorating. 

In a few weeks we will honor our Dads in the same fashion-because you know, equality and all! :)

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  1. It's very sweet of you to go out of your way for these Moms. They'll remember moments like this.