Sunday, April 3, 2016


So I found this book of false apology poems:

Apparently, William Carlos Williams wrote this poem to his wife after eating the plums she was so looking forward to.

Basically the first documented #sorrynotsorry poem! :) This author decided to write a few more.

So I asked the kids to try their hand at their own poems, saying sorry but not really. This was challenging for many of them.
Sorry I ate your jellybeans but they tasted like underwear.

Is it too late to say sorry? Yes it is.

I'm sorry but  I don't mean it.

I'm sorry I ate your food, but I liked it.

I'm sorry I put pie in your face, but you make me so mad!

I'm sorry that I stole your toy, you're the best.


  1. But they tasted like underwear...hmm. :)

  2. Oh I know! They are just obsessed with underwear right now! :) I actually found a book at the library that I thought was perfect for them about a polar bear's underwear.