Sunday, April 24, 2016

Reading Just For Fun

We talk a lot in my class about why we have to learn how to read. It is good for learning new words, learning new facts, seeing things from another's perspective. It is also sometimes just for fun. I look for books to read on Fridays that I know will make them smile.

These are some of our favorites:

I often tell my kiddos to line up like ninjas-because ninjas are silent. I have a student who (unintentionally) sneaks up on me like a ninja-he will stand there and wait until you turn around to address you. So my kids love the ideas of ninjas. They never considered a Ninja Baby! A very cute little story.

Jon Klassen has such a strange sense of humor. This book shows that. The fish has had the unfortunate experience of discovering that he has someone else's hat on his head.

We know kids love underwear! This story gives you a clue to what animal would wear the underwear and the children can guess what it is before they turn the page to see if they were correct.

A story about farm animals who like to jam-what can get more entertaining than that! The website for the book has the recording of the Funky Old MacDonald (of course) song they sing.

I love signs that tell you what to do-although the stubborn part of me wants to do the opposite. Press Here is a series of things to press-I usually call kids up one by one to do what the  book says. They enjoy it!

This is a classic! The King just won't get out of the bathtub and his court has to try lots of different things to get him out. Has a great rhythm to it.

I think we get too hung up on always having an objective in mind to teach when we read a book. I mean most people who read do so because they think it's fun. They choose books they know they will enjoy-I think we have to give kids that experience as well.


  1. I completely agree. I just went to the library and picked up 25 books. I thoroughly want to get their heads and hearts ready for a summer (and lifetime) of reading. I'm confident my kids would love the underwear book. I've already read Press Here to them. They'll read that one over and over. And I'm a big fan of King Bidgood. I have to read that one with an English accent. :)

  2. I had never thought of using the accent-I bet is amazing!