Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Inventing a New Winter Olympic Sport

My kiddos are Texans. Up until a few weeks ago they had never in their lifetime seen snow. We did get about a 1/2 inch one day this year. It started at 3 am and by 8 am was gone. They did get a taste of what life is like where they can play in the snow though! Lots of parents woke their kids up early to go play in it before school. :)

So we looked at pictures of winter sports and learned the vocabulary-skiing, skating, snowboarding, etc. We watched videos of figure skaters (every time they did an exciting lift or spin they cried out "ooooooh"). And I asked them to create a new sport for the winter Olympics.

Here's what they came up with --not bad for a bunch of Texans, I think! :)

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