Monday, June 4, 2018


People often ask me why I teach Kindergarten. There are a number of reasons-but one of my favorite things is watching my students grow over the course of 9 months. They grow socially and academically.

We write in my class every day. Usually we write in response to a story we've read. But we also keep writing journals where they can write about more free ideas. The first week of school we make a title page and we write usually several times per week. The students in Kinder are learning the fundamentals of writing. How to write left to right, make spaces between your words, sound out words to spell them. Here are a few examples of the growth we made this year. I have had upper grade teachers and admins criticize the writing I post on the bulletin boards. They need to work on their handwriting, where's the punctuation? But this is where my students begin and where they progress to in less than 200 days. I am very proud of them!

First week of school


October-not even writing on the lines, dictating the answer

Sounding out their words to finish the sentence




End of the year-sounding out the words-""I like to swing

Just writing random letters in September

Writing in complete sentences in May.

Beginning of the year


Beginning of the year



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