Thursday, November 16, 2023

What if....?

Sometimes my mind wanders and I wonder what things would be like if....? What would our world be like if we adapted our culture to that of the Native Americans? What if the cell phone had never been invented? What if people ran for office but did not take donations-they would just make speeches on their positions and we would vote? Shows like The Man in the HighCastle where it re-envisions history had just a few things been different make me think.

Whether it's a Do Now writing activity or a journal entry, I like to challenge my students to think about a world of what ifs.

Some journal ideas:

What if we had no clocks?
What if dinosaurs were not extinct?
What if velcro had never been invented?
What if electricity had never been invented?
What if the continents never separated?

With my 5th graders this year after learning about the Revolutionary War we wrote about what would have happened if we had not fought back against King George. Here's what some came up with:

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