Thursday, May 10, 2012

GT Frames for Moms

If you aren't familiar with frames, they are a way to get the kiddos to "frame" their thinking about several different icons/concepts surrounding one particular idea. So we did Moms. They wrote the rules for being a mom, the ethics that comes along with being a mom, perspective of a mom and language of the disciplines, which means the vocabulary associated with that profession. I am certainly learning a lot about these moms this week! :)

Moms wonder if American Idol is new and use words like "beautiful".

If I were a mom I feel annoyed. :) Use words like "ok, if you say so" and "dangerous".

Rule for mom is not to be silly, my mom never learned that one! :)

Rule for mom: even though you want to cuss at your kids, you don't.

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