Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Love of History

I have to admit, I am not a history buff. I will watch biographies of historical figures or follow stories of new discoveries, but I never developed the passion for it that many people have. I want my students to have a different view of history. It's hard because they are so little, they can't even imagine 100 years ago, much less the 300 we talk about in developing our democracy.

I love the story:

Because she is a little girl with a passion for the past. They are going to tear down a local building to build a shoelace factory and Imogene protests against it. She quotes many famous figures (including a heck no, we won't go which you might want to edit, my kids think everything is a bad word, so I usually edit it). And stands up for what she believes in.

After reading the story, I asked the kids to make protest posters that Imogene might have used in her fight to preserve our history.

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