Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kindergarten Over Time

First of all I read this article yesterday and had to laugh out loud!

Student Evaluations

Can you imagine our little ones evaluating us? She didn't take us out to recess yesterday, I'm putting down all sad faces for her! Or remember when she had to look up whether or not fish drink water, she definitely doesn't know what she's teaching. We do a survey for learning styles with smiley faces every year on the computer and the results are really not very helpful. They don't understand the rating system and either like everything very much or dislike it very much--not much grey area with the little ones! :)

Anyway, speaking of reflection.... we were using our Over Time icon again to recap how the kiddos have changed since the first day of school. I asked them to think of that 1st day as the past, now as the present and next year in 1st Grade as the future.

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  1. Love all the student work!! Oh btw my students get to evaluate us. It is kind of crazy!

    Jessica Stanford
    I'm having my first linky and would love for you to join!!