Sunday, May 6, 2012

Word Wall Linky Party

I'm playing along with the Linky Party over at

I am kind of a rebel when it comes to word walls. I don't do sight words on my word wall and I don't do the alphabetical order thing. My word wall is basically so kids can take the words and use them in their writing or workstation activities. They can sort the words, spell them and use them when they are stuck for vocabulary. Mine are always interactive and I try to add words that they either have trouble spelling all the time or particularly adjectives they can use in their writing. I also always go along with the theme of the classroom as well. :) Here are some pics:

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  1. Love your spin on things! Are you using strips of border to clothespin? Brilliant!

    Jessica Stanford
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  2. Oh thank you! :) Yes, border with the clothespins-it actually holds up pretty well. Thanks for the comment!