Friday, August 10, 2012

Welcome Letters

Do you send something out to your kiddos before school starts? I feel really lucky this year because usually our rosters aren't ready until the last minute, so we can't do this. Sending out a letter on cute kid-paper and a puzzle piece for them to decorate and bring in the 1st day. Hey, perfect for filling up those bulletin boards right away!  Hopefully the letters will allay some first-day jitters, the parents will at least know who their child's teacher is.

We officially go back on the 20th for pre-service week, but I'm super-anxious because our Meet-and-Greet will be 2 days later. I don't know about you guys, but we don't have time to go work on our rooms during those first few days of meetings. I was going to go in early and work on it anyway, but it's no fun having such an important deadline. I want to get the room done, but I also want to do it right and organize. I know myself, I can get it to look nice, but don't open up any of the closets! :) Getting in and purging what I don't need is an important step-I know I won't do it later on during the school year! But it will all come together. I'm excited to get my Wizard of Oz theme up-I've had a ton of borders in my trunk since June--that's not like obsessive, is it? :)

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  1. Wow! We just posted an idea about the same topic on our blog. We should have had a linky party!!! hee! hee! What's that minds think alike? Well I really don't coin us Goonie Gals for being all that smart. Although we teach beyond the ABC's and 123's these days...we all do throw our paycheck back into our classrooms! We love what we do and we think that it is our way of giving back or paying forward. LOL

    PS: Cute idea with puzzle piece! We tried that idea one year and some kiddos on our roster did not show up. Guess we won't bother playing the lottery! Good Luck with this!!!