Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Inventing New Holidays

One of my idols when it comes to ideas for challenging students is:

I could spend hours looking at these ideas and watching the ByrdseedTV videos.

His idea for this month was to have students invent a new holiday-keeping in mind what we value as a community and what should be honored. Some of them were really thoughtful:

Invention Day-to celebrate how inventions were invented and decorate with pictures of people who made our life easier.

                                                  Play Day-because we need more exercise.

Vegetables Day

Pet Day-people can spend the day helping pets

Money Day-giving money to homeless people, try to be nice, help people and have fun.

Safety Day-everybody be safe with their family.

Homework Day-(I asked if that wasn't every day, it feels like it is for me! :)  We can learn more math problems.

At least it got them thinking a little bit! :)

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  1. I love their ideas! How cute to design a Homework Day!

  2. Thank you Terri! I know, right?! As much as they complain about homework...:)