Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Uses for Candy Canes

And no, this is not a Pinterest find post! I've done this activity before, but because every class thinks differently I wanted to post what these kiddos came up with. This is a critical thinking activity where the students are trying to come up with different ways they can use an object. I model for them with a pencil or a paper clip-a pencil for example I can use to up-do my hair or open a soda can. The first time we do this activity together I usually give them a paper clip they can glue to their paper and then use in their design.

Because it is the holiday season, we are using candy canes. I was very specific up front-I did not want them to write using it as a decoration in any way--something else we can use it for. Think about the shape and the colors.....

Here's what they came up with:

                                        Cane, dancing cane (I guess there's a difference :), tail and earrings.


a match, something round, to hold a lantern, and my favorite--a bookmark

for old people :), painting a bridge, to grab shoes and to grab the remote (we could all use one of those right?)

                                                                         A pretty hammer, a pretty key hanger, bag holder

Knot untier, earrings, getting ear wax out :), and as a fork

decorations *sigh*, for grabbing stuff, to measure and to make spaces :)

for shoes, poofy dresses, for your hair and a keyboard

A sword, paint brush, seat belt, cane to walk with

Cane to walk with,  the letter J

                                   to hang clothes, to make your hair poofy (I need one of those too), clothes, to start a                                                                                       fire.


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  1. Just a tiny bit concerned about the ear wax and fire-starting ones! Love the candy cane keyboard!

  2. I know, right?! Who knew candy canes were so useful! :)