Friday, December 6, 2013

Papa, Please Get The.....For Me

Continuing our Eric Carle study with:

So as a response project, I asked them to make themselves climbing a ladder reaching for something unreachable and they wrote "Papa, bring me the.....". I don't know why the pics of their writing didn't come out as well, but I wanted to share them anyway.

Please bring me the stars so I could sleep with it and the star won't be alone.


a cloud

A bird (I love that he did his blue the opposite way!)

so I can live in a nest and tweet tweet in the night sky (a born poet or what?! :)

                                                                  the sun

a flower

a cloud

a cloud because it can hold my little brother and sister so I don't have to hold them.

                                                                    the world

the sky

a diamond

the core (of the earth) so I can play ball with it.


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  1. Thank you Shawna! I appreciate that. They had a lot of fun with it too-anything where they can messy! :)