Thursday, April 17, 2014

Classroom Egg Hunt

I have to work tomorrow on Good Friday-probably the only person in the universe (a bit of hyperbole, I know :). Here in Texas we are not used to winter weather, so when we had some freezing rain our school was cancelled twice. And in their infinite wisdom the powers-that-be decided that we should make them up on Good Friday and Memorial Day. So no more days off for us until summer vacation.

Now I know I'm weird, but I don't like when my kiddos miss school. I don't like for them to miss lessons and I also know it effects our school rating when our attendance drops. I know many parents will have off and will probably want to spend the day with their kiddos. So as an incentive we are doing our own classroom egg hunt. I am so excited to fill the eggs with incentives like "take your shoes off" and "sit in the teacher's chair for the day".  I am going to hide them this afternoon and see if anyone notices when they come in tomorrow morning. 
We're doing an egg drop competition too that I'm excited about and will post the boxes they engineer to put them in! :)

I told them I was making them bird nests for snack and they thought I was kidding!

Easiest snack to make ever!

                                                How cute are these are cupcake wrappers! :)
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