Monday, April 7, 2014

Sweet Things

My daily de-stresser-I could watch them play forever!     Every time I put it on for the kids you can hear a group....awwww! :) You can watch puppies grow up too:  They raise them as service dogs.

We are already starting on our Student Council project for Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week. I was letting my students help us get started. I want to do a Top 10 Things We Love list for each staff member. Even though I gave them specific people to profile--one of my kiddos did it for me. Number 1 and number 8 are my favorites.

The funniest part of the activity has been the difference between perspectives of the older kids compared to the younger. The 5th Graders talk about being inspired to try science experiments and how they learned probability. The Pre-K students: she has pretty jewelry, pretty clothes and pretty shoes! :)

If they ever move to student evaluations as part of our evaluations (as they are considering)--I'm going to have to dress better!!!!

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