Friday, April 4, 2014

The Meaning of Life According to 1st Graders

A few years ago I was at a convention and browsing the products vendors were offering. I saw a book about incorporating philosophy into the elementary school classroom. I was not overly impressed with the book, however the concept of it stuck with me. At least once a month we have a discussion (Socratic Seminar-style) or I ask them to write their response to a philosophical question. Young kids are actually very philosophical if you listen to them regularly!

So I told them one of the cornerstone questions in philosophy classes around the world is "What is the meaning of life?"--I asked them to answer this question. I was very impressed by many of their answers. Some answered very logically-sleep, food, drink, money. Others more emotionally-caring about people, animals, earth. And then there were others who spoke of bigger concepts like discovery and success. I thought I'd share some of their answers with you:

                                          to discover. (what I love about his illustration is it reminds me of Icarus!) like a seed, it takes a lot of time to find the sun.

the people around us and nature and Earth.

                                To work, to help and take and have a house and kids.
                             learning and not getting tardy. Graduating and going to college and
                                      getting a job.
                                      to sleep and drink and the most important thing--to eat! :)
                                                    to help the world and the animals
                                                  Gratitude-the sun shines so bright, the kids having fun,
                                          their pencils singing and colors dancing all day at school. Everyone
                                            so happy, all there with gratitude.
                                          Put yourself out, have fun, be awesome for 5 seconds. Life is
                                                   not about being famous so have love sometimes.
when you wake up in the morning and you feel grateful and your kids are special.

                                                             caring for each other and helping the Earth
food and money.

money-because most people like money more than anything.

to care for your brothers, listen to you mom, play with your brothers and have fun.

To have fun a lot and keep smiling. Do what's best for you and always believe in yourself.

to succeed and follow your dreams.

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  1. Love this! You always have the best ideas.
    You have some deep thinkers in your class:)