Saturday, April 12, 2014

Staff Appreciation

Every year my Student Council makes something to hang on the doors of everyone that works at our school for our Staff Appreciation Week. It's a pretty daunting task because a) we have over 60 staff and b) I'm not very creative. It's gotten really hard to come up with something different since we do it every year. We have to start early because unfortunately I have a very small group-so it takes us quite a while to get them done. The poor students in my class usually get stuck finishing them up. :)

Yesterday we started putting together what we are going to do this year and I had to share because I think they came out just too cute! I am asking students from the different classes to come up with their Top 10 Things that they love about their teachers. The answers have been great! They've said things like: I like her vibrant smile, she helps kids with hard moments (how insightful is that vocabulary), she loves her job! My favorite is the little ones though-all theirs are about the teachers' fashion style: I love her clothes and her shoes and her jewelry. And everyone is pretty! :)

We needed to put it together into something they could hang on their doors-so they came out like this:

I don't think anyone from my school reads my blog-but I blurred the names anyway, just in case. I want it to be a surprise!

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