Monday, April 21, 2014

Making Kids Feel Special

I have shared already that I attended a training with Todd Whitaker this year and one of the things he said that stuck with me most is: "in great teachers' classrooms every child feels like the favorite". It is my top goal next year ---to make this happen with my class (haven't quite worked out yet how to do it). I have given it a lot of thought and am always looking for suggestions. I think I stumbled onto something today.

See on Friday I wrote about the little class egg hunt I did with my students. I hid eggs with privileges typed up inside-take your shoes off, sit in my chair, etc.-it was a big hit! Well, about 6 of the eggs said "eat lunch with the teacher outside". Unfortunately, we couldn't do that Friday because of other activities that were taking place in our picnic area, (I hate to break promises to them)-so we did it today. Can I just tell you how wonderful that was!? Definitely the highlight of my day today! 6 students and me outside on a beautiful day, the students talking to each other, to me. They were talking about what the clouds looked like, how cool it was that a bird landed on the wall of the building. One little girl asked how Ruby (my dog) enjoyed Easter. At the end we were cleaning up to go and my student looks at me and says "that was really special-thank you!". You know what it really was!

I am totally going to make this a regular thing. And not based on the best grades or the best behavior-literally take 6 kids in alphabetical order from my roster and take them outside to eat with them--maybe twice a week until everyone gets a turn, then I'll start over again. I love having the opportunity to make connections, getting to know them a little bit better.

What kinds of things do you do to make kids feel special?

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