Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Classroom Resolutions

I know it's early to think about already-but I'm in a reflective mood. I think teachers are on a different calendar than everyone else, our New Year's seems to be in August. It just doesn't seem to be a new year going back to the same class and same munchkins. I do however have some resolutions for myself and how I want to focus my time the last 1/2 of the school year. It was actually kind of a hard task for me to do, to put it in writing:

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1) We need to get better at our transitions. I think the kiddos are getting a little too comfortable-thinking about bringing in some Whole Brain Teaching ideas.

2)  Reading groups-between standardized testing, one-on-one testing, progress monitoring testing and the general schedule changes that come along with the looming holiday-I just didn't get to enough of my reading groups for guided reading the last few weeks before vacation. This is a key time to build those fluency and comprehension strategies-so I must get on the ball!

3) Flipped classroom-I still want to try to implement some of these ideas. Still trying to figure out how to do it technologically and also with early childhood kiddos.

4) Do more projects! This group came in a little lower academically than previous groups so it was a big focus on the basics for the 1st few months. Now that they are writing and thinking creatively, I think we're ready for more projects.

5) Planning-I was going to really plan better this year--that has not happened. I still find myself treading water and doing what needs to be done for tomorrow instead of looking more long-term.

There you have goals for the new year. What are some of your resolutions?


  1. I am so intrigued in whole brain ideas. Need to find a class:-) Your quote is one of my favorites right now.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. Thanks so much for linking up! Go ahead and implement some of the WBT will NOT regret it! This is my first year using them and I'm still learning but I have LOVED every single strategy I've implemented! I agree with long range teaching career changed when I really took the time to long range plan in makes the rest of the year so much less stressful!

    Teaching Maddeness

  3. Good luck with your school goals. i think flipped classrooms sound intriguing. Anyway, found your blog through the linky party and just atarted following you.

  4. This is my first year using WBT and I love it! It really helps make the day go easier. My kiddos know we do not have time to waste and our transitions are fairly tight. You will love it! I definitely want to get ahead on my planning as well - because I switched grades I have felt like my head is just barely above water.