Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mystery Reader

I love doing Mystery Readers in the classroom mostly because it's so much fun to see the kids trying to think of who it might be from the clues. Most of our readers this year have been from on campus-our principal, etc. We were actually supposed to have a few of the Texans do it last month, but they ended up having to cancel-must be too much celebrating this season! :) My all-time favorite mystery reader is a tradition we've done with almost every class--MY mother. I think it's so funny the kids don't even realize you have a mother! I gave them a ton of clues and one of them was that she has 2 daughters--when she came in and I introduced her, one of the kids said "you tricked us, you said she has daughters!". Um...she does, I'm one of them! :) She read them a story called Everything But the Horse and made these darling little cupcakes for them. She also shared some pics from when I was their age--nothing too embarrassing! Overall, I think definitely a success.

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