Sunday, December 30, 2012

Then Cindy Lou Who......

I love changing an element of a story and asking the kids to think about what other details would change-it's a challenging task for them. For example: if the book Too Many Tamales took place at Easter, would anything change? What if Cinderella had never lost her shoe-would the ending of that fairy tale have been different?

I tried something new this year when we read the Grinch and asked my Munchkins to change Cindy Lou Who's reaction to catching the Grinch stealing Christmas and see what other details would change. I had them write their ideas first and then we discussed some changes that would happen. I definitely think they understood better after the discussion part, what I was asking them to do, but here's what some of them came up with:

Said "no, I want to have my doll!"

I think he meant like redecorate it.

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