Saturday, March 23, 2013

Product Menus

I am all for giving kiddos choices in how to show what they are learning. I have several different kinds of menus that I use with them, this one is one I made for responding to a story that I read to them aloud. I explain that it is like the menus in the restaurants-you are going to choose one that appeals to you. I do ask them to challenge themselves and not necessarily "act out the story" every day (that one is their favorite).

 We read a story that I love, it's called What to do About Alice. It's about Alice Roosevelt (Teddy's daughter) who apparently was a handful! My favorite response was where one of the students compared Alice to another student in the classroom who also likes to "eat up the world" as Alice did.

Especially this time of year when they seem to be getting bored with the same old activities, it's a way to spice things up a little bit and keep them engaged!

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