Friday, March 15, 2013

The Story "Goal!"

Well, my Spring Break didn't exactly go as planned. *sigh* First of all, I definitely didn't get done everything on my to-do list (although when does that ever happen). I did finally put my car in to get 2 new back tires, something it's needed for a while now. I borrowed my Dad's car as a loaner while it was being worked on to run some errands, since they live right around the corner from the mechanic's. I went to Walgreen's to pickup a prescription and knocked the side mirror off the car on a post in the drive-through. This could only happen to me! So my car repair budget doubled quite suddenly yesterday! Then my neighbor's house was broken into during the day which I find really creepy. I was home at the time but unfortunately didn't see anything.

The good part though, it's my baby's 4th birthday today! I know she doesn't look very happy in this picture (she so does not like to get her picture taken-Tyra would be very disappointed! :) Here was her present though-she got a new necklace and leash for spring.

Her favorite thing in the world to do is sit out in the grass and watch the world go by, we have a beautiful day to do that today and I can catch up on some reading. :)

Ok, the real purpose of this post. I love this book:

It's about how much soccer means to children in Africa and the clever way they trick some bullies into letting them keep their ball. I had the kiddos write about the big idea of the story and this is what they came up with. Soccer is a sport many of them already participate in, so I definitely think they could make that connection.

The big idea is the ball was important to the boys.

Never give up. I never say I hate soccer.

Soccer is fun because you can have some fun (we are working on word choice).

Don't let anything get ahead of you.

He hid it in the bucket.

It's a good running start with good running skill.

Soccer is my favorite game because I want to play soccer.

Soccer if fun because you can kick the ball.

The boy runs and does not give up.

Goals are good because they are a target.

Soccer is not good because your legs will hurt.

They hid the ball in the bucket.

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  1. Happy 4th Birthday to you fur-baby!!!
    Love some of the drawing- expeically the one iwth the bow in the hair, & the one with the speech bubble