Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Incredible, Suspenseful Egg

So we read the story:

It's a cute story about a hen who decides to be a writer after loving so many books that she has read. She checks out a book with tips for writers and gets started on her own story. You need a main character, a plot and most of all....suspense--is what the book tells her.

So I asked my munchkins to use suspense in their stories that simply began with finding an egg. I think some of them did an outstanding job with coming up with some creative twists and turns!

I found an egg in the park and then a ferocious dragon came out of the egg. I runned and runned so then the ferocious dragon ate me up.

I like mystery endings!

This one is definitely obsessed with $ !

I found an egg in the street, I pick it up. What comes out? Pop went the egg--a baby T-rex!

I couldn't eat but there were 3 nests so I made the right decision.

I have a cat.....

I love it so much I petted it and put stickers all over the egg.

Now this is one of my kiddos who really struggles academically. But look how creative this is. Everyone else found an a strange egg--hers is a regular old Easter egg hunt where the child is trying to get the eggs out of a nest instead of finding the ones on the ground. Love it!

We still have a ways to go, but hopefully they will remember to add a little more suspense to their stories now! :)

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  1. The last one, ITA very creative & great artwork!