Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I Loathe You

No, not a post about politics or anything. Another cute little book I have been saving to share with my kiddos the week of Valentine's Day is this one:

Now, I knew my kids would like this because they LOVE wordplay. Instead of "I love you" the monsters tell each other "I loathe you". How much you ask? As much as chicken pox and mosquito bites. I explained what loathe means and then read the story. In the middle, one of my students asked "do the monsters know what loathe means?" :) Anyway, something to turn their thinking upside down a little bit.

So I asked them to come up with another creature and what the mama or papa would say to their little one that might mean the same thing as "I love you". It was challenging for them to wrap their heads around it, but I think they came up with some creative answers.

                                          If I were a zombie papa, I "brain" you because you eat brains.

                                      (my future scientist)--If I were an atom father, I would say I "form" you
                                              because atoms form things.
Mama deer-I would tell my child, I "horn" you because I love your horns are silly and sweet.

An alien mama, I would tell my child I "scare" you because I like scaring people.

Kangaroo mama- I "jump" you

Cat mama--I "milk" you (reminds me of Meet the Fockers :).

Hare mama-I "carrot" you because we love each other.

Vampire mama-I "blood" you because I care for you.

Papa dinosaur-I "stomp" you

Pencil box papa-I sharpen you

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