Saturday, February 8, 2014

Perspective of a Bully

Our school is doing anti-bullying activities this week and I racked my brain to try to come up with something different that I could do with my kiddos. We talk a lot about what bullying is (and isn't), they know what to do if they are being bullied. 

This is a great book: 

I like it because it gives kids more strategies of how to deal with a bully themselves, than just tell and adult. We all know that's a hard one for them to do. It says to not play alone and become a target, to confront them in a group, etc. It's certainly a different world out there than when we were little! I worry for my little ones as they grow up and go off to middle school.

So for something different we tried to put ourselves in the shoes of a bully. Why do kids bully other kids? How does it feel to be a bully? Hopefully, they will think about that before they ever decide to become one!

I wish I could be so nice my best friends would forgive me.

I wish I could be happy and be nice not violent and mean.

I will feel sat becaue I don't mean it. I'm just too angry.

I will be won't be my friends.

I will push people if they push me. But I realize I can be nice.

Sometimes I wish I could start the day all over and have at least one good day. (*my favorite answer)

                                        I hurt someone's feelings and I can't find a school because I keep bullying people.
I would hope not to be one anymore and my dream would be to still be one. It {does} not feel good.

I would take my energy out of my system.

I would wish for friends because I feel lonely and I do want to be nice.

I would feel sad of the kid I bullied and feel sadder because someone will try to bully me.

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