Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Reasons to Read

I was inspired by a post from Tammy over at:
Forever In First

Her Saturday Sayings are just awesome for reflection on practices in your classroom. This one:

is about developing a passion for reading in our kiddos. Defintely food-for-thought.

Well, today I came across an Instagram post from Scholastic with their #100reasonstoread (the above was one of my favorites). I shared some with my kids and asked them to come up with their own reasons-Instagram-style.

                                  I think you should because when you get hurt and you are in
                                          the hospital, you could think you are in a castle.

                                                   To learn more and get more ideas
They make you colorful. :)

Let the dreams begin.

                                                    To open your brain

                                               If you are new to Texas, you can go to the library so you can know
                                                                          lots about Texas.
                                      When you do work in high school, you use the words.
                                           So we can spell the right word on our spelling tests.
                                             You can go on an adventure

                                   Because when you are a baby, your mom can read you a book
                                                       to make you fall asleep.

You can read the story to your baby brother or write a story to your baby sister.

So we can be smart and learn about animals.

Making new friends (we are reading Toys Go Out right now, Frank is the Washing Machine!)

It helps us be awesomer.

So you can imagine the beautiful pictures.

Helps kids read better and with fluency.

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  1. "They make you colorful." I like that. Great thoughts! Thanks for the shout out! I do love that quote.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First