Monday, February 17, 2014

Using Inkblots to Spark Ideas

In writing these days, our lessons often come back to how we can generate ideas of what to write about. So often, I hear "but I don't know what to write". We often brainstorm ways we can fix that writer's block and one of the ideas that always comes up is: just using our imagination.

So putting that to the test, we did an activity where they put little dots toward the middle of a piece of paper (you want to make sure they avoid the edges or it will squeeze out) of all different colors. I wanted it to be random, not that they were planning to make a butterfly or something. We folded the paper smushing the paint and voila! we had an inkblot design. The assignment was to use that image in a short poem. Many turned them round and round for some time, some saw their idea right away. Here's what they came up with:

My favorite one:

A lady angry, all day angry, angry
 So mean, like a witch
Witch green, green

When I play hide-and-seek, I say nani-nani-boo-boo
and run away.

A flying fish

A bighorn sheep

                                                        My dog is purple but also green, how can that be?


Go up up up, come down down down
Go up again and believe your life.



  1. Love this idea. I'm totally stealing it. That last one is quite philosophical!