Saturday, January 17, 2015

Creative Nursing Home Rooms

Well, this has been some week here in Texas! We have had a week of no sunshine, most days some amount of rain and it has been downright cold! (Believe me, I know it doesn't compare to my friends with snow right now-but for us it's cold!). So the kiddos have not only had no recess in over a week, but they can't even play outside when they get home--they have been a little off-the-wall! I definitely counted some new gray hairs. :)

Community service is really important to me. Every year we adopt a nursing home because the one thing kids can do well and will do very willingly is make cute crafts and cards for them. Every holiday I take something over there and the goal (although we've never been able to pull it together logistically) is for them to meet up there one weekend and sing some songs, read to them, etc. Maybe this year!

I asked the kids, after looking at pics from the interiors of nursing homes, to design a new kind of room for the residents at a nursing home. Now, you will see I think they were thinking a little bit more about what kind of room they would want, rather than what their grandparents might want adn some definitely put in more effort than others... but here's what they came up with.

A room of candy!

A garden, TV and play room.

Videogame Room

Haircut Room

Hair Place

Exercise Room

Rockstar Room

Computer Room

Hope everyone is has been seeing more sunshine than we've had here the past week! 


  1. I love how you introduce service to your little people!

    You need to read this by the way: I was reminded of you when I read it.

  2. Thank you Tammy! And thank you for that article--yes, definitely right up my alley! I found some new authors to follow as well. :)