Thursday, January 1, 2015

Classroom Resolutions

I usually do this before the school year starts, but feel the need to think about goals for the second half of our year. I'm in probably a unique place-because the focus of the first half of the year is our standardized testing in December, I do feel like there are other things that have been neglected.

1) I want to do more fun science experiments! We did interactive notebooks this year (which I had mixed feelings about) and hardly anything is in them. I know there are some great ones out there that will get the kids excited about science again.

2) I have to revamp my writer's workshop. Ok, revamp is probably not the right word-invent is probably better. As much as I believe in that process, it's been pretty non-existent in my class so far this year. I don't conference with the kiddos nearly enough.

3) I need to figure out a way to spice up my workstations. Our district adopted a guided reading program this year that included some Daily 5 concepts. Unfortunately, I think I'm doing it wrong because all the "read to self" and "read to partner" has really just made them get bored with reading altogether. Need to figure out a way to fix that.

4) I have to start tutorials. The kids love tutorials-I make it really fun. It's just exhausting for me. I already stay after school for my clubs 3 days a week, so adding another day and one where I really have to be "on" the whole time-I might be getting too old for that! :)

5) I have some new technology discoveries I am going to try out. We'll see how it goes. The kids really took to the coding activities we did!

I'm sure there's more that will arise as I finish planning for next week, but that's what I have to focus on so far. Not too bad! :) What are some of your resolutions for your classroom in 2015?


  1. I think that teachers are awesome at over-packing their to-do list. I know I am! Have a great week!


  2. I haven't thought too much about my list lately. I need to get my nose out of my books first. Keep us posted on how your list is coming along.

  3. I thought if I wrote it down, it might give me some direction! :)