Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Reading in 2014

I don't use Goodreads as I'm sure it's meant to be used. I don't usually write reviews or communicate with other people on there, however I do use it to keep track of the books I read. I've written before that reading and I have had a rocky relationship over the years. I read voraciously as a child, but as an adult, not so much. A few years ago I vowed to read more. Last year I read 14-which was a vast improvement over zero! :) This year I read 26! I tried to expand myself a little bit and try out things like YA and a few classics. But most of them, are more the suspense variety, I've noticed. Maybe because they keep my attention and I have to read on to see what happens! I have to read some for my student book club (I have a pile that I was supposed to be reading over this break! *sigh*)-and of course, some professional books. I have to warn you, I have very eclectic tastes. It takes me a while to read and comprehend a story, so I'm a bit of a snob about what I read. 

Here's my year in review, in case you are interested. 

My favorites were:

A journalist is investigating the secret life her mother had with a turbulent family growing up. Funny and poignant at the same time.

I can see how this book would not be for everyone--reviews everywhere are truly mixed--my kind of book! It is very dark, but I think very well-written. I like when you are forced to keep reading because you are invested in what happens to the characters.

I know some people didn't like this one (ahem Tammy :)-but I like when I don't see surprises coming. I am not the kind of person (even with movies) who thinks as the story unfolds and tries to figure out the ending. But you know after you read it the first time, reading it again knowing what you know will probably be a completely different experience.

If you like Gone Girl-type books, you will probably like this one. A mystery again! :) Barnes and Noble's website used to have a section where you could see all the subsets of a genre. Family secrets was my favorite. Set in the mountains, a girl is struggling with finding out family secrets that she probably would have been better off not knowing.

Another mystery-a family loses their daughter and try to figure out what happened to her. Again the ending will surprise you.

I rediscovered Shirley Jackson this year. Again, not a book for everyone. It unwinds slowly and is a bit disturbing. But I loved it! Have several more of her books on deck for this year.

Does anyone else want to share their Goodreads list for the year? I love seeing what other people are reading! :)



    I try to read about 1 book a week on average (more in the summer, less during school). I have to say I didn't read a lot of GREAT books this year though! My favorites were Leaving Time and Little Mercies. I'm interested in checking out a few from your list!

  2. Ahem is right. Made me laugh out loud. I'll have to add some of your books to my list. I'm on goodreads by the way.