Monday, December 29, 2014

My One Little Word for 2015

I don't make resolutions anymore-I choose one word ( that I put in the back of my mind and go back to throughout the year. Last year I really challenged myself and my word was: bold. I absolutely incorporated that trait-I presented to my colleagues, I decided not to teach summer school (which I will probably never do again :), I decided to have knee surgery--lots of bold decisions this year. Whenever my confidence wavered, I would just think about the commitment I made to that word. I said I would be "bold"!

For 2015, my word was not on the tip of my tongue. I've thought about it a lot the past week. Looked through lists of words waiting to be inspired. Well, I feel asleep with the television the other night and woke up to a televised church service. The minister was talking about forgiveness and how if people hold on to wrongs that have been committed against them, they get bitter. I think the universe was telling me my word for the year.

This is something I begrudgingly admit I am not good at. I beat myself up for a lesson that didn't work or not feeling adequate as a teacher anymore. I can't just let it go when a parent lodges a complaint with my administrator or I read someone's comments on a social media page and it just infuriates me. Somehow this year, I am going to figure out how to let that all go! I will remember this:

So this year I will try to be strong. That's my aspiration, we'll see if I can do it! :)


  1. OOOOO... I am a grudge holder. :( So forgive would be a really good one for me! I just remember things too well. :) Oops. Have a wonderful New Year! :)

  2. I am a good forgiver. Not sure why. Maybe I've practiced a lot. It is easier for me to forgive than let it burn. I wish I could drive over to your house, pick you up, and buy you dinner so we could talk shop and laugh into the night. xxoo

    1. You are very lucky Kimberley! And yes, that would be wonderful! :)

  3. Good word and one I can work on. I've heard this: be prejudiced in other's favor.